Cylinder Head Remanufacturing

R. Moore and Sons diesel engineers use state of the art technology at it’s Western Australian facility to remanufacture cylinder heads. We understand that the cylinder heads we remanufacture for our clients are fitted to their front line equipment, and they are not simply remanufactured for extended use, but are remanufactured back to ‘0’ hours so as to expect maximum service life.

Through our dealings with clients in all forms of industry, we hear one thing over and over - that with remanufactured cylinder heads, reliability is just so important. That’s why our clients include the Australian Defence Force, mining contractors, marine, power generation, rail, oil & gas, agriculture - and they all rely on R Moore & Sons to deliver exceptional quality and service.

Cylinder head remanufacture includes:
  • Complete dismantle & inspection
  • Magnetic particle UV light (NDT) crack detection
  • Cylinder Head Pressure testing
  • Gasket face machining
  • Rescrolling cylinder head faces
  • Cylinder Head Assembly
  • Valve seat insert replacement
  • Valve seat machining including vacuum test
  • Valve guide replacement
  • Injector tube replacement
  • Rebuilding and machining manifold faces

All sizes of Cylinder Heads

All sizes of Cylinder Heads
State of the art Equipment
Our specialist engineering workshop houses state of the art equipment. We use the latest techniques to remanufacture all makes, models and sizes of diesel engine cylinder heads.

Australia's leading remanufacturers

Australia's leading remanufacturers
Diesel engine cylinder head remanufacturers.
We are able to offer a wide range of Cylinder Head services.

We offer a wide range of services

We offer a wide range of services
Our specialist engineering workshop in Kewdale Western Australia
Complete dismantle & inspection, Magnetic particle UV light (NDT) crack detection, Cylinder Head Pressure testing, Gasket face machining, Rescrolling cylinder head faces, Cylinder Head Assembly, Valve seat insert replacement, Valve seat machining including vacuum test, Valve guide replacement, Injector tube replacement, Rebuilding and machining manifold faces

Our diesel engine services

Our superior dyno testing unit is designed to cater for diesel engines up to 1570kW (2100 HP).
As authorized dealers for Bosch, Denso, Zexel & Delphi we offer exceptional quality service.
R. Moore and Sons offer a spare parts service that covers all aspects of your diesel engine.

 More Services

We reclaim components with thermal arc metal spraying tech and re-machine to original specs.
We can repair many cracks in very remote locations saving clients valuable down time and expense.
We understand critical dimensions & alignment associated when reclaiming engine components.

 We also offer...

Repair & servicing of fuel injectors has been an integral part of our operations since the early 1960’s.
We have the expertise & equipment to perform diagnostic checks on the latest electronic systems.
Demands continual upgrading of our test benches, equipment & training of our technicians.


ISO 9001 CertifiedR. Moore & Sons are approved by Lloyds Quality Assurance Limited to the Quality and Environmental Management Systems Standards ISO 9001:2015 & 14001:2015 .


ISO 9001 CertifiedR. Moore & Sons are certified Licensed Repairers by the Motor Vehicle Industry Board of Western Australia. Our experienced team allows us to service many industries.


Authorized DealersAs authorized dealers for Bosch, Delphi, Zexel & Denso and with highly skilled and experienced technicians, R Moore & Sons are able to offer exceptional quality service.